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Weekly Topic: "6 Ways To Research Your Competitor's SEO Strategy"

Uncover Your Competitor’s Strategy Gems!

Weekly Topic:  “6 Ways To Research Your Competitor’s SEO Strategy”

We will be discussing the various ways to uncover your competitors best SEO strategy gems. This week’s talk is a great primer for webmasters hoping to expand their internet revenue base. We will be talk about cutting edge strategies that will help light the path to increased web site traffic.  We look forward to seeing you.

The SEO class is located at 232 Natoma Ave Santa Barbara, CA 93101   Phone (805) 965-3586.  The class begins with 30 second introductions, followed by a short 10 minute speech by Search Engine Pros Founder Taylor Reaume on the weekly discussion topic. For the remainder of the hour, Taylor Reaume answers questions for those enrolled in the Mentorship Program.  Remember to bring your laptop and let’s get ready to Google!

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    I had a great time! Very informative.. 😀

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