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The Stand Up SUP Paddle You’ve Been Looking For…

One of our favorite projects of 2011 – Check out and the best paddle board paddle on the market!

The Stand Up SUP Paddle You’ve Been Looking For…

Carbonerro is a cutting edge SUP paddlecompany offering carbon fiber paddles for sale that appeal to a broader range of people interested in competitive racing, recreational paddling and paddleboard surfing /surf paddling. Carbonerro’s SUP surfing paddles are one of the only carbon fiber paddles on the market offering a unbeatable lightweight, smooth design that increases speed, power and performance. paddle reviews are calling the Carbonerro paddle the “Ferrari” of Stand Uppaddle board paddles. With the trend going towards smaller SUP surfing paddles, and paddle SUP surfing enthusiasts demanding less turbulent, more efficient paddles, Carbonerro set out to design the first complete line of blades that is appealing to both racers and surfers. According to a customer “The Carbonerro paddle to me is the best combo, the durability and rigidity I haven’t found in any paddle I have used before. It’s not too skinny and it’s not too wide and I feel like I have more gears to adjust speeds as needed for surfing. That paddle to me, hands down, is the best paddle I have ever used.”

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