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6 Ways To Improve Your Web Site This Summer

It’s summer in California and who wants to spend time worrying about websites when there is so much else to do? You’ve got Father’s Day, graduations, weddings, and backyard barbeques. But your web marketing strategy can’t wait until September unless you don’t mind letting your competitors steal all your customers! As a web marketing agency, Search Engine Pros develops websites that work hard all year long. Here are six things you can do this summer to improve your website performance and attract more customers:

  1. Know Your Keywords: This is a crucial factor in search marketing Research your top ten keywords and provide title tags that include these words. This one step alone will capture the attention of the search engine “robots,” and could propel your site up the search engine rankings.
  2. Update Your Content: Nothing kills rankings faster than stale, outdated content. Your SEO marketing strategy must include a constant stream of educational, topical, relevant information.
  3. Use Great Photos: The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially applicable with online marketing. Website visitors decide in seconds whether a site is worth perusing. Grab their attention and tell your story with dynamic photos, and they won’t be inclined to leave.
  4. Build Inbound Links: Word-of-mouth and referrals are still two powerful means of attracting prospects. One sure way to build “authority” is to have other sites link to yours. Part of your marketing plan should include promoting non-competitive businesses on your site, and reaching out to them to reciprocate. It builds awareness for both companies, and helps each reach a new audience.
  5. Offer Something: You never want to have someone visit your site and leave without making some type of connection. Your website should include a way to engage prospects and build that relationship. This could include an informational newsletter, a download of a “Top 10” regarding something that is pertinent to your business, a white paper, or some type of free sample or demonstration.
  6. Make it Mobile: More and more consumers are using smartphones and mobile devices to search online. Top web design practices demand websites that are functional across all digital devices.

Your website is a strategic part of your online marketing plan. Spend some time this summer making sure yours is working hard, or contact Search Engine Pros and ask about our web marketing services.

Santa Barbara Marketing Founder Taylor Reaume


Taylor Reaume


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    Making a website entails a lot of dedication and improving a website’s performance requires enough knowledge in web marketing. The six things mentioned above are essential factors for improvement. Competition all over the internet is getting bigger by the minute and you will need to keep up with the latest trends and methods to stay in the game!

  2. Reply
    Miles Ohara

    Among all of the above-mentioned tips, the 6th one should really be highly considered. Making your website available for all types of digital devices is a must nowadays! More people have been using mobile devices for searching online. If you do not implement this, chances are that your website performance will drop. You just really have to keep up with the trend of technology.

  3. Reply
    Kelly Hudson

    All of the pointers on the list are great website performance enhancers. For me, among all of the mentioned factors above, keywords are still very crucial for website success. The search engine formula has remained essential through the years and it seems it will stay for years to come.

  4. Reply
    Sarah Thompson

    All of the above-mentioned factors for improved website performance should definitely be taken into high consideration. Building inbound links, selecting great photos, updating content, offering something, utilizing keywords, and making your site mobile; all of these must be implemented for better website marketing results! Ignoring all of them may stall your website’s progress.

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