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SEO & The Battle Of Perceptions

SEO and The Battle Of Perceptions

SEO & The Battle Of Perceptions

SEO is a form of marketing on the internet called Search Engine Optimization.  One reason why it’s smart to start off your web project with SEO as your chosen  marketing medium is because this form of marketing deals with polishing your reputation as the strategy is executed.

As the old saying goes: “It’s great if you get 1000’s of visitors to your web site, not so great if they don’t buy (convert).”

Marketing is the battle of perceptions.  Marketing is needed for all businesses to stay competitive.

In today’s talk, we’ll discuss the battle of perceptions as it related to SEO and the online marketing world.

Starting a web site business is not easy – it’s frought with challenges and often simply understanding what’s being recommended and the costs associated can be like a big algebra problem.

For most businesses the cost of doing nothing is far greater than the cost of the marketing plan.    Similar to diet and excersize, most business owners realize they need to focus on their web strategy to stay in business.

To be successful, one must reinforce perceptions. Having a better offering is a prerequisite.  Having a better story is the catalyst.  Find a way to add massive value efficiently, do something remarkable and get people to love you.

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