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SEO Friendly CMS

As the internet allows more and more writers to present their work to the world, new software platforms have been developed which give even amateur web masters total control over how their content is formatted and displayed. These software platforms are called Content Management Systems (or CMS).

CMS’s have become so sophisticated that a writer with no knowledge of developing web sites can have a fully-functional blog up and running in a matter of minutes.

The proliferation of writing on the web is great — it gives everyone in the world a voice and the potential to be heard by others. But it also creates an echo chamber; a giant mass of text and words that has to be sifted through and broken apart. This is a daunting task, and, luckily, many search engines have stepped up to tackle it.

But the search engines can’t do all of the work themselves, which is why many content management packages now come with features that allowed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These SEO Friendly CMS packages give provide writers with the ability to associate their writing with the keywords that people are searching for.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process for emphasizing certain keywords in a body of text so that search engines will associate the content of that text with those keywords. Essentially, SEO tells a search engine what a web page is about by “summing it up” with a few keywords. When those keywords are searched for, the search engine puts the pages it associates with those keywords at the top.

SEO is an effective tool for bringing new readers into a site based upon their search engine queries. For this reason, many SEO friendly simple CMS programs have been developed, automatically incorporating SEO into the presentation of an author’s text.

Top 3 SEO Friendly CMS Platforms


WordPress is a powerful blogging utility that has a very user friendly admin. WordPress is great for very powerful blogging site solutions, and should be considered seriously, especially now that Google has indicated that it “likes” WordPress.  WordPress sites automatically solve many of the SEO Issues you run up against with a web site.  WordPress has growth limits not experienced by the more advanced content management solutions out there, such as Joomla, and Drupal, but those growth barriers are being broken down every day with each new release of this lightweight, powerful content system. WordPress comes equipped with a number of great features that allow writers to publish their content quickly, easily, and without knowing anything about setting up a web page.   In our experience most users will find WordPress the easier to use publishing platforms.   WordPress handles auto-archiving and times content releases as well as user registration and management.  WordPress is an excellent option when looking for an SEO Friendly CMS.


Joomla, formerly known as Mamba, is truly an SEO friendly CMS. Joomla doesn’t come with SEO support on install, but many third-party extensions have been written for Joomla which increase its incorporation of SEO. Joomla has more features than WordPress but also requires a little more knowledge to set up. Overall, Joomla is a very functional seo friendly cms with a full set of features. Joomla won the 2006 and 2007 best open source publishing award for its user friendliness and advanced functionality. Joomla is very flexible and used by fortune 500 companies such as MTV, VH1 and Harvard Business School. A popular Joomla All In One Site Solution is found here:


Drupal is another open source CMS, similar to Joomla, and is widely considered the most SEO friendly CMS. Though not as popular as Joomla, Drupal is an good choice for community based sites. Setting up Drupal can take over an hour, and it requires some specific knowledge about file transfer and server settings. Drupal comes with SEO support upon install, though, and it also has had many extensions written for it which improve its SEO performance.

Site Ninja is a combination of Godaddy-esq simplicity and SEO friendliness.  We like this rare content management platform for it’s Keep It Simple Sweetheart style.  It is a perfect fit for a small business owners wanting something easy to use and still search engine friendly.

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    Great article. I have heard the terms Drupal and Joomla, but never understood them before, so thanks for this explanation. Now I can bring some knowledge to my platform decision. Thanks.

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