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Santa Barbara SEO Workshop – The Power Of Audio Testimonials

One of the big keys to success with online business is developing what's called "social proof".  People aren't interested in your products and services, they are interested in the success that others have had with your products and services.  Smart companies showcase their testimonials front and center, rather than the product or service.  Join us for an hour of engaging discussion regarding the new social aspects of business.  We'll be discussing the power of audio testimonials and why they are so important in today's increasingly transparent business landscape.  

Here are some example sites where you can listen to audio testimonials:

Here is a few of our own audio testimonials:

“I would highly and without reservation recommend The Search Engine Pros.” 

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online marketing testimonial “Since meeting Taylor, in less than 2 months, we’re ranked on page 1 for “Santa Barbara Sports Events” and “Santa Barbara Basketball”…I highly recommend The Search Engine Pros – they’ll get you to the top!” 

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online marketing testimonial “Within several months after hiring The Search Engine Pros we started to see results, they helped us to get on the first page for key words like ’overcoming public speaking fear’ and ‘presentation skills courses’…” 

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online marketing testimonial “The Search Engine Pros showed us how to use our web site as a tool to increase revenue rather than just as a toy or a play thing…” 

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online marketing testimonial “They offer great personalized service, and very affordable & competitive rates, Taylor is 150% dedicated to the success of his clients.” 

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online marketing testimonial “After a couple months from working with The Search Engine Pros, my Website jumped from page 10 to page number 1!”  

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