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Santa Barbara SEO Workshop – How To Succeed At PPC

Do You Need A Google Adwords PPC Consultant To Increase Conversions, Improve ROI, Uncover Powerful 5 Cent keywords, Split Test Winning Ads, Add Negative Keywords & Avoid Wasteful Clicks-All Of Which Dramatically Increases Sales & Profits?

Many people try to go it alone with their PPC strategy, and that usually just isn’t going to cut it when you are swimming with the sharks on Google Adwords, you’ll lose your shirt quickly.  An official fully optimized setup takes focused time and energy. To make it to the PPC Championships you’ll need an experienced hand each month fine tuning for top notch results. Our PPC Pros help you decrease your keywords’ cost-per-clicks (CPCs) and optimize your ad positions (more traffic for less cost). A smart PPC campaign manager will spend time researching competitors strengths and capitalizing on the best keywords in their campaigns. Don’t make the same mistake nearly 75% of PPC advertisers make, and send everyone to the homepage of your web site. This is not the way to success with PPC. We’ll get your PPC campaign on track, and help you get the right message in front of the right people. The result?  Lower costs per click, more targeted traffic which boosts your sales and profits.  Join us on Thursday at 5:30pm at the EAGLE INN for an interesting and engaging discussion regarding Pay Per Click marketing.

PPC Professional Help Keep Costs Down and Conversions Up!



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