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Remote PC Software Review

Access your PC from anywhere: two remote desktop services reviewed
Robert Vamosi

Robert Vamosi,

senior editor

If you’re like me and occasionally telecommute, being able to see the office desktop remotely is very important. It offers much more than just having a VPN connection to my Outlook e-mail; for example, it allows me to access a Word document I left open on my desktop the night before and to use shared files located in remote regions of the corporate network. I can even access my host desktop from any Windows browser anywhere in the world, and, if necessary, transfer files or print remotely as well.

For years, Citrix GoToMyPC software enjoyed a relative monopoly of this amazing service–but no more. On January 24, 2005, WebEx released MyWebEx PC. Having tried them both, I have to say they both have pros and cons. For example, MyWebEx PC allows you to enjoy full-color screens, while GoToMyPC remains stuck in 256-color mode. On the other hand, GoToMyPC also works on Macs and Linux-based browsers and allows a guest to log on remotely–things that MyWebEx PC does not yet offer.

For an occasional user like myself, MyWebEx PC maintains an overwhelming advantage: it’s free. And if you need more bells and whistles, the paid version of MyWebEx PC is still a better deal than a yearly subscription to GoToMyPC. But if you need a service to roll out across your entire corporate network, GoToMyPC remains the better option, offering administrative tools that MyWebEx PC does not.

Product name GoToMyPC 4.1

GoToMyPC 4.1



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