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SEO Workshop: "Local Web Directory Submissions: 7 Factors You Must Consider" 6pm SB Vets Hall

Local Web Directory Submissions: 7 Factors You Must Consider

Did you know that being listed in local web directories can have a tremendous impact on your local search engine rankings?  Localized directories are typically edited by a human and are much better than those which are “free for all.” You may have heard the term “FFA Link Directory” – this stands for free for all link farms. Steer clear of those. Human-edited directories are less susceptible to spam and are therefore more trusted by the Local search engines. An example of a terrific Locally-focused directory is Best of the Web’s Regional Directory and Yahoo’s Regional Directory. You can perform searches for things like “[your city] directory” or “[your state] directory” to find good prospects for these kinds of citations. 

Local business listings—especially Name, Address and Phone (NAP) information—comprise the anchor identity of a local business online.   Local businesses should enhance their listings with unique descriptive keywords, links, logos and more to help their listings stand out.

At the SEO workshop on October 22nd, we’ll discuss 7 smart tips for local directory submissions that will increase your search engine rankings and visibility on the web. You’ll pick up some handy tips on local web site marketing strategy and also enjoy a networking opportunity with other local business owners.  

“Why should I come to the SEO Workshop?”

At the SEO workshop you’ll pick up some handy tips on web site marketing strategy and also enjoy a networking opportunity with other local business owners. Bring your business cards, your lap top and an open mind.  

We hope to see you at 6pm at 112 Cabrillo Blvd, The Santa Barbara Veterans Building, just a few steps from Sambos Restaurant. Please RSVP here   We hope to see you Monday at 6pm at 112 Cabrillo Blvd, The Santa Barbara Veterans Building.   

“How much does it cost?”

The fee is $5 or you can pay with a Facebook Post, either prior to, or after the meeting, telling us you are attending, or describing your experience. We go to great lengths to prepare the workshops, and your support in helping us spread the word on Facebook is greatly appreciated.

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