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Link Building Packages

The Search Engine Pros offers a variety of Link Building Packages to help our clients establish a strong, robust Link Building Program. Links form the basis of search engine optimization and help convince search engines that a site is trustworthy. Through our Link Building Packages, we will build a network of inbound links to your website, strengthening your link building program and increasing your traffic.

Inbound links come in two flavors; Reciprocal links and One Way links. Reciprocal links are very important indeed, but limited in terms of SEO results. They are just part of a site’s overall marketing strategy. Blog Comments, or contextual comments, the best kinds of links you can get. We can help you obtain blog comment links by providing meaningful responses on other people’s blogs. We research your complementary business partners, aka, “centers of influence”, and catalog high page rank blog comment locations where you can participate in a conversation online.

Details regarding our link technicians. Our Link Building Packages are designed to enhance your marketing efforts by providing meaningful, valuable inbound links to your website.

Each of our  link building packages involves a $500 one-time setup fee – Setup fee involves initial consultations with the customer and discussions regarding link strategy. Rates below are based on 1 technician working for you 8 hours per day/5 days per week/160 hours per month. See our article on getting inbound links. Building links and determining link strategy is a very labor intensive endeavor that could easily occupy one full-time employee’s time. By using our technicians, you can avoid the cost of hiring a dedicated link strategist.

We offer detailed weekly reporting.

$2,500 for 1 month
$2,250 for 2nd month
$2,000 per month thereafter.

(Campaign minimum = 1 month)

Regardless of contract length, the 1st month and the $500 setup fee is due in advance. Contracts are invoiced on a monthly basis.

Read our terms and conditions here.

Links are fundamental to search engine optimization, which aims to attract search engines to a website based on its relevance to a certain keyword. The reason links enhance a site’s natural search rank is that links provide a testament to the quality of a site’s content: if someone was willing to link to a site, then more than likely they found that site useful. The Search Engine Pros leverage this to our clients’ advantage by providing them with high-quality, keyword-related inbound links. These are essentially the most valuable resource a webmaster can obtain.

About the Search Engine Pros:
Link building packages
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