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Joomla Custom Design

Joomla Custom Design

If you are looking for information concerning Joomla Custom Design, you have come to the right site for your needs!

You may be asking yourself, “What exactly IS Joomla?”
Well, Joomla, formerly known as Mamba, is an SEO friendly CMS, which enables you the user to build easy to navigate web sites and create spectacular online applications. This application is new to the market but is already an award-winning commodity. Because it is so incredibly user-friendly, Joomla has quickly become the most popular web site creation software on the market today. The best news? You will not have to pay a dime to use it! Jooma is an open source solution that is available to everyone everywhere free of charge.

Perhaps you need a bit more detail?
Some big words come up in your search for Joomla Custom Design. What is a “content management system” anyways? This type of system is just a fancy way of saying: a piece of computer software that keeps track of every piece of content on your web site. It works like the Dewey Decimal System in your library! It keeps a record of everything, and it stores everything. But do not worry if this sounds confusing still. You really need no technical expertise to manage Joomla. It really manages itself!

There are some examples of Joomla Custom Design you can see for yourself. Open your web browser. Joomla is a world wide system that controls web sites of all sizes and interests. Joomla is used for all of the following:

* Joomla E-commerce
* Online reservations booking
* Corporate web sites
* Corporate in-house intranets
* Corporate out of house extranets
* Governments even use Joomla!
* Non-profit organizations
* Small Business web sites
* School and community web sites
* Personal homepages even!

There are some major players in the international field who have already put Joomla Custom Design to work for them. Did you know the United Nations, Harvard University, Citibank, and yes, even MTV use Joomla?

Perhaps you are not building a web site for medical practice, or your local community ToastMasters group. Perhaps you are in a music band, and you need a professional display of your band on the internet. Well, Joomla can help you build a terrific site for just about any industry!

For pros or even the most computer clumsy amateur, Joomla is designed to be a quick and easily installation that you can put to use in no time flat! There are many web sites all over the internet where you can find the quick and easy one click download of this priceless (yet free) application. It does not even take much time at all. Just a few minutes out of your day, and you can begin getting down to business.

The faster you put out content, the more money you can put in your pocket! And when you finish setting up your Joomla Site, have no fear! Only a minimal amount of instruction will be necessary to get up and running with their personal or business web site.

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