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International SEO and Multilingual SEO

international search engine optimization company

international seo company

International SEO is a strategy employed by firms hoping to conduct business — in English — with foreign clients and partners. The key to International SEO is optimizing a page for foreign language natural search. This is accomplished through multilingual SEO, wherein we craft an International SEO campaign to attract foreign clients. We optimize your keyword campaign in a foreign language and direct natural search results to a page explaining what it is your company does. Search engine optimization has proven to be a powerful tool for increasing traffic, and International SEO and Multilingual SEO are no different.

This includes manual submission on the appropriate foreign search engines + full optimization maintenance/monitoring service for 1 year. Our native SEO technicians are spread throughout 28 countries. They work in close collaboration with qualified translators to ensure technical accuracy, while always respecting the cultural correctness of each foreign market being addressed.

International SEO is not about doing business with foreigners in their language, but rather bringing foreigners to your website to business with you in English. It is not necessary to translate your website to do business with foreigners. However, you must have at least 1 page translated in Japanese to be able to submit to Japanese Search Engines, and one page in German to submit to the German Search Engines, and so on.

Need more details? Click here to watch a video about multilingual SEO

About the Search Engine Pros:
The Search Engine Pros, a Santa Barabara-based internet marketing firm, specialize in International SEO and Multilingual SEO for companies hoping to reach a foreign market. Our international SEO practices are considered cutting edge within the industry and can help expand your business’ reach.

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