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Directory Submission

SEO Directory Submission: Why is it important?

Writing articles that are rich in keywords and content is not enough to get your site noticed by the world’s top search engines. To do this, you have to alert the search engines to the existence of your website. This is where SEO Directory Submission comes into play.

As an experienced and qualified searcsuh engine marketing firm, we can submit your articles to websites specializing in article promotion, resulting in your name and website URL appearing on the web. This will in turn cause more people to link to your website, expanding your site’s popularity and spreading your URL across the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain how SEO directory submission works?

The first step is selecting a package and paying for it through PayPal. Once you have made payment for your chosen SEO directory submission package, you will be directed to a form where you are asked to fill out a series of fields: the site you would like submitted to the directories, your unique link titles and descriptions, keywords you would like associated with your site, your email, and others. Submitting this form will trigger the submission of your site to the chosen number of directories. Once this is completed, a comprehensive report will be sent to you in Excel format, detailing the sites to which your site was submitted. Click here for sample report

How can I be sure that my site was actually submitted to the directories?

A good number of directories send an acknowledgment email with the submission of a link. When we submit your site to directories, we create unique email addresses for each directory to be used in the activation of the link. In the report we send you after the SEO directory submission process, we include the email addresses and log-ins of the email addresses used in the process so that you may independently verify that your link was indeed submitted. Please understand that, while many directories send confirmation emails, some do not, and we will not be able to confirm submission with these services.

So if you submit my website to 750 directories, that means I’ll have 750 links to my site, right?

We can only commit to the successful submission of your links to directory sites – which links are approved is up to the complete discretion of the directory owners. Each directory site abides by its own set of standards regarding link approval, and we cannot make any predictions about which links will be approved and which won’t. That said, over time, we have observed that, roughly, between 65 and 75% of links submitted through our service are approved. We are an established search engine marketing firm with a long track record of SEO directory submission success — and our link building techniques have helped many of their clients greatly improve their web traffic.

Will you submit my website to SEO friendly directories?

Absolutely. Every directory in our extensive list is SEO friendly. We are always evaluating our portfolio of directories for their SEO friendliness and endeavor to maintain a list of the most SEO appropriate directories on the internet. Our SEO directory submission technique has been honed over time, and many clients consider our search engine marketing firm one of the best in the business.

Will my site be submitted to directories that contain all types of sites?

While we do submit links to most directories, there are some directories that we specifically do not submit sites to. These include directories that contain links to adult material, illegal material, and hate speech.

What forms of payment do you accept for your services?

We only accept PayPal at the moment. PayPal allows users to pay via their checking account or by credit card. We will soon be implementing a direct credit card payment option.

How long does SEO directory submission take?

While the process can vary in length, we will generally have submitted your site to the directories in your package after 7 to 9 working days. We will begin the process 4 to 5 days after receiving your payment; at that point, it generally takes 2 or 3 days to complete submission.

How long will it take before my site is listed on the directories?

Some directory sites publish links very quickly – a few even publish within a matter of days. Unfortunately, some sites can take up to a few months to publish a link. We cannot estimate how long it will take a directory to publish your link because it depends completely on the directory itself.

How can you be sure that my site will be approved by the directory?

We are very diligent about following the specific rules put forth by each directory. For instance, some directories require that only an official title be submitted with a link – in these cases, we submit the official title that is asked of you in the original form. We also take great care to accurately categorize each site and submit the links to only those categories. Our experienced staff is well versed in directory guidelines and we understand how a site looks to search engines.

Can you show me a list of the directories to which you’ll submit my site?

Absolutely! A list of the directories that we submit to can be found  here.

How can submitting my site to directories improve my ranking in search engines?

Back links to your website form a major component of your sites ranking in various search engine results. Search engines use the number and types of directories that your website is listed in, as well as other back links to your website, in judging your site’s relevance to certain keywords. Directory listings therefore represent an excellent way for you to improve your site’s ranking in search engine results. SEO directory submission is a great way to increase web traffic.

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Key Features:

699icon-circle-check-green-001 Manual submission of your website to all directories on the web. 699icon-circle-check-green-001 Submission to high PR directories.
699icon-circle-check-green-001 Our highly-trained staff follow submission guidelines to the letter, ensuring that your articles are posted quickly and without incident. 699icon-circle-check-green-001 Prompt, attentive customer service. Questions submitted to our customer service team are answered within one business day.
699icon-circle-check-green-001 One-way link building. You will not be required to link back to the sites linking to you, increasing your site’s legitimacy in the eyes of the search engines. 699icon-circle-check-green-001 Low-priced link submissions relative to the market. Our submission prices are some of the most competitive on the web.
699icon-circle-check-green-001 Constant review of the links we submit to our more than 8000 directories. 699icon-circle-check-green-001 Up to 10 unique titles and descriptions for your submitted links, avoiding duplicate content
699icon-circle-check-green-001 Your link won’t go stale or point to an outdated page after we submit it. 699icon-circle-check-green-001 A comprehensive report on your link submissions. Click to see a sample report.

About the Search Engine Pros:
Considered by many to be the premiere search engine marketing firm in the business, the Search Engine Pros are adept at high-impact, results-driven SEO directory submission. The Search Engine Pros are a search engine marketing firm based out of Santa Barbara, California.

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