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How To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Taylor Reaume @ NOOZHAWK.COM

There is no denying the importance that a first impression can make. And in today’s tech-driven world, in which impressions can be made in an instant, it’s vital that you are using content that is making a positive and lasting mark on your audience.

If you notice that you aren’t getting the type of traffic that you’d like, it might be time to evaluate the quality of your website. In your evaluation, ask yourself:

» Does the site look physically appealing for viewers?

» Does the site load quickly on different browsers and platforms?

» Does the site offer content that attracts people and sticks in their minds long after they’ve left?

If your answer is no to any of these questions, it’s time for an overhaul of your content marketing strategy.

The good news is that there are plenty of options from which to choose when trying to improve your strategy. The bad news is that the multitude of options makes it hard to narrow down the choices that might be best for you. To help with the process, here are the top seven ways to improve your content marketing strategy for your brand, product or service.

View from a Customer’s Perspective

Before you start doing anything with your new content marketing strategy, it might be time to look at your entire approach from a different perspective.

There is the possibility that you’ve been looking at your content strategy for too long as a member of the business. This may lead you to become biased or judgmental to certain parts of your website. In doing so, you’ll lose out on the perception that your viewers and customers have.

To do a better job of viewing your website from a customer’s perspective, be sure to ask plenty of questions and be open to honest feedback from others. If you fail to realize that your audience isn’t interested, or maybe it simply isn’t seeing your content, then you will have an incredibly difficult time trying to maximize your marketing strategy efforts.

Know What You’re Getting Into

If you plan to improve your online content strategy through blind luck, you may want to think again. Instead, you’re going to want to ensure that you put in plenty of research into your content marketing strategy before you get yourself too deep into anything. Reading this article is a great start, but there’s plenty more that you can do as well.

For beginners, look up the keywords that you plan to use and how you think those will be most useful with your specific site. By using a program like Google AdWords Keyword Tool, you’ll be able to create strings of keywords that are likely to bring back the best results for your website.

The more likely it is that someone is going to put in the string of keywords that you have, the higher likelihood that you’ll get visits to your site. Therefore, do enough due diligence beforehand to ensure that you know what you’re getting yourself into before starting your content marketing strategy.

Look for Cohesiveness Across Platforms

Remember earlier when we asked if your site looks good across platforms and on different browsers? Well, if it doesn’t, now is your time to get this figured out. You never know where your audience is coming from when it’s viewing your content. Visitors may be looking with their phones, their tablets or their computers, and there are also plenty of Internet browsers that they could be using as well. This is important because each browser works and functions differently, which may affect how your site runs.

Therefore, you should look for cohesiveness across all platforms for your website. The more smoothly your site runs on multiple browsers, the more likely it is that people will trust that they can visit your site no matter where they are coming from.

Allow Customer Feedback

Your customers want to let you know how you’re doing. If you don’t listen, you’re missing out on a prime chance to learn how to improve and make your company better. Therefore, a great way for you to improve your content marketing strategy is by letting others provide you with feedback.

Not only does feedback give you a better idea of how you can improve your image and what you can do better, but it also will help your SEO rankings. Finally, by having updated content in the form of customer feedback, other people will see that you make a diligent effort to provide the best service that you can for your clients.

Have A Personal Blog

A personal blog is another great way to improve your content marketing strategy. Since search engines like Google give priority to sites that are regularly updated, a blog is a great way for you to continually update your content. In addition, a blog is an ideal way for you to connect with potential clients who are looking to learn more about your business.

Get Social

Social media also take a big piece of the pie when you are looking for important factors for content marketing.

If you have Facebook and Twitter profiles, that’s a good start. However, do something about it and keep your account as active as possible.

Interacting with clients through social media will help to generate traffic to your site, and it’ll also boost your online web presence in the process.

Always Build Trust

No matter what you’re doing, your goal should always be to build trust with your clients. Every blog post, status update and change to your website should have your clients and customers in mind. Your content marketing strategy should be geared for the long run, which is going to require a lot of trust between you and your audience. Therefore, make sure that you continue to do the right thing in the eyes of your audience, and you’ll notice more loyalty on their behalf.

Content is king in today’s online world. But instead of just throwing any type of content out there, you need to have a precise strategy that will work. With the seven tips, you’ll be able to improve your content market strategy and build strong relationships with your audience.

— Taylor Reaume, is president of Search Engine Pros and a regular speaker on topics of online marketing and web strategy. He has created over 550 web sites since 1998, one which sold for six figures in 2007 to Jupiter Media.  Taylor is Vice Chair of the Board at TVSB and an active member of several local non profits and foundations in Santa Barbara.  He can be contacted at 800.605.4988.  Follow him on Twitter: @SantaBarbaraSEO and Facebook:

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7 Shocking Online Marketing Statistics


In 2014, business owners are finding that they must execute swiftly, all at once, on a series of complex writing tasks to be successful with online marketing.  With everybody going online to find products and services, business owners are shifting more and more of their marketing budgets to online marketing mediums.

Online Marketing Statistics

The big problem facing business owners today is that, while 81% of consumers make buying decisions online, most still don’t understand how to make the incredible power of online marketing work for them. To stay competitive on the marketing battlefield, businesses are developing online marketing strategies that attract prospects’ attention, maintain their interest levels and maximum conversions.

Here are some shocking online marketing statistics that will help your business grow in 2014:

  1. Social media is bigger than you think: The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that 73% of survey respondents actively use social media. Since Facebook alone has over one billion users, nearly all adults who are active on any social network at all are using Facebook. How does your Facebook strategy connect with them?
  2. Email personalization works: Epsilon and DMA report that the click-through rate on triggered messages is 152% higher than “Business as Usual” messages. Email marketing and lead generation strategies need to integrate personalized and timely lead nurturing with marketing automation.
  3. Mobile marketing is making waves: According to Litmus, email opens on smartphones and tablets increased 80% over just one six month period in 2012. With mobile usage increasing steadily, these devices are a major source of email communication. Email messages need to display properly on both laptop and mobile devices.
  4. Online marketing isn’t going away: By 2016 Forrester Research predicts that more than half of the dollars spent in U.S. retail will be influenced by the web. If you don’t have a way to sell your product or service online, you could miss out.
  5. Blogs build website traffic: According to HubSpot, nearly 40% of U.S. companies use blogs for marketing purposes. Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors.
  6. Social isn’t just for the kids: FastCompany says the fastest growing demographic on Twitter are the 55–64 year olds. The 45–54 year olds are the fastest growing demographic on both Facebook and Google+. If your products appeal to an older demographic, you’d better have a social marketing strategy.
  7. Competition is getting tougher: When it comes to SEO, SociallyStacked reports that 33% of traffic from Google’s organic search results goes to the first item listed. What is propelling your results to the top? 72% of PPC marketers plan to increase their budget in 2014. How will you stack up?

Many business owners find themselves arduously blogging with little traction. The main problem here is their web strategy lacks a ‘connected’ approach.  A connected, well-rounded online marketing strategy over a one-year period will generate a positive ROI on a marketing campaign.  It takes time and focus.  There are dozens of zero-cost ways to build a business through the internet, and it is simply a matter of knowing how to tie them all together into a unique strategy.

Adapting your online marketing strategy to 2014 tactics will keep your company competitive.

Finding the time to setup, and execute on an internet marketing campaign is difficult for most business owners. Online marketing campaigns are fraught with challenges and seemingly insignificant, time consuming tasks.  However, when considering the recent marketing statistics presented above, and the high cost of alternative forms of marketing, many business owners are finding online marketing costs a worthwhile investment.

— Taylor Reaume, is president of Search Engine Pros and a regular speaker on topics of online marketing and web strategy. He has created over 550 web sites since 1998, one which sold for six figures in 2007 to Jupiter Media.  Taylor is Vice Chair of the Board at TVSB and an active member of several local non profits and foundations in Santa Barbara.  He can be contacted at 805-453-9674.  The opinions expressed are his own.  Follow him on Twitter: @SantaBarbaraSEO.
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